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BLANC Denver: A Full Guide on Having Your Wedding Here

June 3, 2024

Topic 1: About BLANC Denver

Why Have Your Wedding at BLANC Denver?

BLANC Denver is the perfect place to get married because it looks like a small villa, able to provide those timeless, pristine photos you may desire, but nestled in the heart of the Denver RiNo Arts District, leaving plenty of space for some edgier portraits outside of the venue, should you want them! There are also art galleries and shops and restaurants within walking distance of many hotels nearby, which is great for guests flying in, or even for you and your partner to enjoy a night on the town after your wedding!

Closest Major Airports:

  • Driving Time From Denver International Airport: 33 minutes (Closest airport, easiest drive) – directions linked here
  • Driving Time From Colorado Springs Airport: 1 hr 33 minutes (likely cheaper flight) – directions linked here
  • Driving Time From Grand Junction Airport: 3 hr 46 minutes (Furthest, but best views. HARDEST drive – summiting mountains. Do NOT do in winter.) – directions linked here

FAQ’s About BLANC Denver Weddings

How much does a wedding at BLANC Denver cost? According to their website (linked here) they charge $1,000 – $9,000 depending on hours, time of year, and the date that you book (as of 2024). 

What furniture is included in the rental fee at BLANC?

Looking at their website, (15) 5 foot round tables, (11) 30-inch cocktail tables, (3) 6-foot wood farm tables, (4) 9-foot rustic farm-tables, (1) 6-foot rolling bar, (40) metal bar stools, (150) metal chairs, (8) metal benches, an outdoor lounge set, and a large, white leather sectional. (Linens are not included). (As of 2024)

Can I use candles at BLANC? 

Yes, as long as they are each encased in glass hurricanes, or you use LED candles! 

What grand exit items are allowed at BLANC? 

Sparklers, streamers poppers, and glow sticks in front of the building. NO rice, confetti, silly string, smoke bombs, or small particle items are allowed. 

Can I bring in my own alcohol and have the caterer serve it at BLANC? 

No, all alcohol must be provided by the beverage caterer. 

Can I use my own catering service at BLANC? 

No, you must use one of the 9 approved Caterers. 

Can I use food trucks at BLANC? 

Yes, but only as a late night snack or dessert companion to the official catering that they partner with. 

Topic 2: Planning Your BLANC Denver Wedding

Top Venue Features

  • No true getting ready space, so I recommend the nearby Source Hotel (super fun hotel with a market and florist and some restaurants on the first floor) or the Ramble Hotel, which is minutes away. The Ramble Hotel has a beautiful speakeasy style bar downstairs, and has a more sultry feel than the Source Hotel, which is a brighter and more modern style. You can’t go wrong with either! 

   Although not having a dedicated getting ready space may seem like a downer, given its close proximity to either hotel, we can pop over to the venue to have you “change” into your formal attire at the venue if you’d like, or you’ll just be fully dressed when you arrive. The one reason we love this approach, specifically at BLANC, is because they use every room during the wedding, so that bright room that would typically be for getting ready photos, ends up being used during catering. So your guests get to see the entire venue! *do take note of the fact that there is not much storage space on-site, so pack smartly!* 

  • Transportation to and from the venue is super easy if staying in any nearby hotels, and you can park anywhere along the street, which is not metered on weeknights! 
  • Huge space that can seat a ton of guests, or feel as intimate as you want.
  • Did we mention it’s DOG FRIENDLY for your ceremony?!

Ceremony Site Options

Site Option #1: 

  • Outdoors facing the white wall
  • See above for Rental Cost (included with venue fee)
  • Bright, airy, trees surrounding and the most popular choice for our couples. 

Site Option #2

  • Outdoors facing the Barn Wall
  • See above for pricing (included with venue fee) 
  • Same lighting as Option 1, but appears more rustic and slightly darker due to shooting against the closed barn doors.

Site Option #3

  • Indoors, against white walls
  • Very bright and airy
  • Great Option in case of excessive rain, wind, hail, or snow.

Reception Site Options

Site Option #1

  • All dancing must take place in the Main Gallery Room, but cocktail hour is best outside near the barn walls (or adjacent white wall depending on where you choose for your ceremony). For large guest counts, this truly is the best alternative!

Site Option #2

  • If you have a smaller guest count, consider using the smaller, bright white room for your reception! It feels more intimate and is great for one long table all throughout.

The Best Time of Year to Get Married at BLANC Denver

Because BLANC is inside the city and has indoor/outdoor options available to you, we truly don’t think that there’s a bad time of year to get married, but we will break it down here for you based on weather and what you’re looking for! 

Peak Season

May through October: This is BLANC’s peak season, meaning it’s the most popular booking time of the year, and therefore, also the most expensive (but do consider a weeknight versus weekend date, as they discount those). The weather during early May is usually consistently warm, but bear in mind that it truly can snow here until around the end of May. (The same is true for mid-to-late October). However, June weather is likely mid 70’s – 80’s, with weather getting warmer through the summer months, and cooling off again in September through October (the most popular times to get married!). Travelling to and from the venue during these months should be pretty easy, as the weather is usually warm and sunny (bring SPF – we are much closer to the sun here so you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll tan (or burn!) If considering the months of May, September or October, I’d also recommend you plan ahead for a bit of wind or rain and bring a light jacket or shawls! Also bring lots of water (again, closer to the sun and you’ll dehydrate faster up here!)

Off Season

November through April: BLANC considers this their off-season, meaning you’ll get a discounted rate. We think this is a gorgeous time to get married here, and that our couples should consider it for a few different reasons! 

  1. Contrary to popular belief, although it MAY snow during these months, Colorado is known for its exorbitant days of sunshine in one year. November, although can be chilly, is usually pretty dry and temperate (though we always recommend you bring a jacket and understand snow is likely.) 
  2. Some of our couples absolutely DO want snow for their weddings, which we think is gorgeous for your portraits and providing a cozy ambiance to your day. This venue is perfectly equipped for winter because it isn’t relying on outdoor elements for its charm and therefore, is just as pretty (ie, you’re not shooting in dead grass). That being said, if you’re looking for a higher chance of snow, consider January, February or April for your wedding. These are our snowiest months in Colorado! 
  3. This time of year is less popular with tourists, so you’ll find cheaper hotels near Denver and also less crowds. 
  4. You can head up to the mountains like Breckenridge, Aspen, or Vail for some skiing (bear in mind that i70 Traffic can get wild in the mornings on weekends, but if you leave midday or midweek, you’ll be fine!) 

Where to Stay Near BLANC Denver

The Ramble Hotel

  • Sultry, speakeasy style hotel with full-service bar and appetizers downstairs 
  • Walking distance to the venue
  • Great photo ops
  • gorgeous bar downstairs
  • Sleeps: a lot, there are 50 rooms.

The Source Hotel

  • Bright, modern and industrial style hotel
  • Features a market and restaurant on the first floor
  • Sleeps: A TON. They have 100 rooms! You can likely request a block for you and your guests that will save you money!

Topic 3: BLANC Denver Wedding Package(s) / Wedding Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Get Married at BLANC Denver? What’s Included in Your BLANC Denver Wedding Package:

  • Peak season rates (May – October)
    • Venue buyout Monday through Thursdays (includes all tables listed in the FAQ section shown here) is:

$3,000 for 4 hours

$5,000 for 8 hours

$5,500 for 10 hours 

  • Venue buyout Fridays through Saturdays (includes all tables listed in the FAQ section shown here) is: 

$7,500 for 10 hours on Fridays

$9,000 for 10 hours on Saturdays

$6,500 for 10 hours on Sundays 

  • During Non-peak season (November through April), pricing is as-follows (and includes all furniture listed in the FAQ section, shown here) : 

$5,000 for 10 hours Friday and Saturday

$4,250 for 10 hours on Sunday

$4,000 for 10 hours Monday through Thursday

As always, for most up-to- date information, please consult with the venue to ensure precise pricing details!

Topic 4: BLANC Denver Wedding Vendors


Rental Companies







Topic 5: Hiring Your BLANC Denver Wedding Photographer and Videographer

As local Denver Wedding Photographers and Videographers, here at The DeNunzios, Nick and I absolutely love shooting at this venue! We pride ourselves on how well-connected we are and that we work closely with our favorite vendors to ensure your day runs smoothly! Even if they’re new to us, we have a philosophy that “nobody we meet are strangers,” and we will help integrate any new vendors of yours into successfully shooting your wedding at BLANC! We are big on jokes and communication with our fellow vendors, as we know that this preparation and fun-approach with our “friendors” (Vendor friends) is what makes your wedding go off perfectly. We can help problem solve behind the scenes, create efficient timelines that helps you get the photos AND experience you want, and also know how much time it will take to get from one spot to the next. 

How we can serve you at BLANC Denver

Since we offer photo or video independent of each other, we are also able to offer you an in-house discount if you choose to add on both! This keeps our timeline even better, as we are able to discuss your wedding in detail while we cook dinner at our house! 

We also are able to fuse our editing and shooting styles effortlessly, so that you can have that unique and timeless, while simultaneously slightly edgy look to your films and photos! 

Since this place is so close to us, depending on your needs, you can book us for one service (photo or video) or add on the other for a special discount. Photo/Video independently booked ranges from $2500 – $5500 or to book both, the range is $3500 – $7000 depending on hours needed. Our average couple spends $5500 booking us for photo and video needs for 8 hours!) 

All of out photo packages include 35mm film rolls, and we do have the ability to add on Super 8mm video if you’re looking for that!

Fun Activities to Plan for Your BLANC Denver Wedding

If you want to stick around Denver for a while after your your wedding, here are some fun recommendations for things in the area you can do: 

  • Go to some of the indie bookstores and flower shops (we love Pages and Petals, The Denver Botanic Bakery, the Bronze Petal) 
  • Check out our favorite coffee shops like: Mutiny, The Molecule Effect, or Babes Tea Room
  • Have brunch and tea at The Brown Palace Hotel
  • Explore Denver’s 16th street mall
  • Check out the art shows and Farmers Markets (summer months) 
  • Grab coffee at Wash Perk and walk around the beautiful Washington Park

If you want to explore Colorado: 

  • Head to Glenwood Springs (3 hours west) to soak in the natural hot springs- Iron Mountain is our favorite and its open year round. 
  • Check out the views in Breckenridge and go hiking! Sapphire point is a very easy drive and walk
  • Head to Boulder for some shopping on Pearl Street, and then hiking around Chataqua Park

Similar Venues You Might Enjoy

Moss Denver: Pros: also great for fusion of indoor/outdoor weddings

Features Moss along brick wall for ceremony, located in heart of Denver, industrial and city-style decor, great area in Denver

Cons: parking can be difficult, has three separate rooms that need decor (which can be fun but can add up quickly)

Skylight Denver: big open venue with lots of styling options. Pros: bright, airy, located in super cool Santa Fe Arts District,  has one getting ready room, space in the back for string lights with cocktail hour and food trucks

Cons: parking can be tough, need more decor because it’s a bright, empty room, can feel dark when the sun is not shining through

We hope you found this helpful, but please reach out to us if you have any questions! We are basically wedding gurus at this point and would love to help!

With love and light,

The DeNunzios

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