To be completely honest, we're not like all the rest. And neither are you, and that's why you're here!

You know that your love story is timeless, and undefined by conventional milestones. Your story was authored in the lightness of stolen kisses in the morning while making coffee, coming home to tight hugs plus a little ass grabbing after work, and in the moments when your partner was the only person that made you smile on a day where all you wanted to do was cry. 

Those tiny moments, those little stories, they're not like all the rest. Your wedding photos shouldn't be, either.  We understand love because we are IN love - and having that understanding makes our imagery and films have a depth that you won't find anywhere else. We understand that your wedding day isn't about photos, but photos are about your DAY, which is why we approach aspects of the day as a documentary style and other moments to help guide you into poses. This creates an emotional and artistic gallery, which your love story deserves. Let's create images that tell your whole story - not just one page of it.

Hi! We’re Nick and Breelle (Bree- “L” in case your brain just confused with a million wrong ways to say it.) We are Denver based Wedding and Elopement photographers raised in Colorado that know the state like the back of our hands, and know YOUR LOVE STORY as if it were our own.
Our entire philosophy around photography centralizes around the unique emotions around being in love. (A feeling we know well because of the love we share as a couple.) From the silly, goofy, giddy butterflies, to the soft, intimate, protective feelings being in love evokes: we want to capture all of those moments you share, and tell them through our lens.
We think love is the coolest thing on the planet (well, besides our cat, Charlotte, who is ACTUALLY the coolest thing on the planet.) The love you share with your friends, your family, and of course each other is what makes this world go round and round. And it’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings.

We met back in 2021 when Nick was officiating a wedding for his best friends and Breelle was the photographer. She was so enamored with the friend group, as they had been friends since they were tiny kids, and noticed Nick and how he fit in. Somehow, she picked up on his mutual edginess and also softness, and knew they’d be a perfect match. So she asked him out (with the help of his friends,) and the rest is history. We think ALL LOVE stories are pretty cool. That swipe right at the same time (out of billions of swipe options.) That chance encounter at the grocery store. That blind-date you were sure you didn’t want to go on but your friends talked you into anyways…
However, and WHOEVER you love is welcome here. We love LOVE and cannot believe that such a profound part of our love story is getting to capture yours.

We believe in love stories.

Because we have our own.

Not your grandma's photographers. 

shooting on

I started on my grandpa's film camera...

When I was in high school, I took a photography course and had to use my grandpa's old film Nikon. To this day, I carry that camera (and a slew of other film cameras) around with me. The grain, the creamy tones and the softness in the colors are why I love it so much. It feels timeless, and also incredibly sacred. Like each frame would disappear if I didn't memorialize it and have it developed. I love the way that you can't see the photo until it is developed, like a little secret between you and the camera. 
 I also love the way it keeps me hyper aware of every photo I take, as I really focus on my composition when shooting on film because I don't want to "waste" a shot. Simply put, film captures LIFE in a way that digital simply cannot ...Not to say one is better than the other, which is why I adore shooting a film/digital hybrid.  
More and more, I am only using film for my personal life, and more and more couples are adding this to their requests, as well.
If you'd like to experience the magic of film in your wedding, you can add film into any of your packages. And I promise you'll love the way they somehow perfectly juxtapose and yet perfectly complement one another in your album. 

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Not all who wander are Lost...

I recently got to go to Europe after years of failed plans (thanks, COVID), and really felt like I finally understood the obsession behind it. For years, I felt as though I was trapped in a small town, and now I see how accessible the world around me is.
I took note of all the differences: the architecture, the food, the ART... but more importantly, I took note of all of the things that were the same: people talking, children laughing, love stories EVERWYHERE (I even took some film candids of some of my favorite scenes of this.) 
It has given me not only inspiration to shoot and look at things that are visually different, but also to capture those scenes that will never change. Like the way we look at the person we love, or walk hand-in-hand with them... I think it's pretty fascinating that we all feel aspects of love the same way. And I feel so drawn to capture the parts that make your love feel different from other stories, while also capturing all the parts that feel the same, because that's just what love is. 

There is nowhere I won't travel for your love - and there is nothing I won't do to go above and beyond when I document it!  

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I am forever in awe of the human experience and all of the different versions of expressing it, conveying it, and seeking to understand it. From Renaissance style art, to Contemporary art and everything in between - I love finding bits of myself in there. 
Art teaches us about the fears we all have, the triumphs we have individually and collectively conquered, and ultimately, what it means (or maybe? means) - to be HUMAN. 

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Life is short,
Art is infinite.

the Juxtaposition of

Memento mori

In my house, I typically decorate with flowers EVERYWHERE. Little figurines of Greek philosophers (one of my favorite things to read), and vintage teapots, my favorite books, and film cameras. But, I also throw in some Classic Horror books, artist renditions of old horror classics and a glowing neon sign that says "haunt me".
I think what makes life so beautiful - is the promise of an ending... so I celebrate the small moments, the mundane, the ordinary. Because those moments make up the majority of our lives - and I want my space, and ultimately my photography - to reflect that. To create photos so haunting, that they are enchanting and live on  beyond this lifetime.

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life + death

It's the little things...

The details of a person feel so intimate... The beauty marks on their faces, the way they say certain words different from all the rest, the strange things they like versus the ones they absolutely hate... The way they (like me,) love gold jewelry but also adore old turquoise on silver, too...
To know someone intimately is to know these details, and to capture them intimately is to capture the details.
Added touches of florals and ribbons and bows, pearls or candles or rings, arranged differently from one couple to the next... These details matter to me because without them, we will never have the full story of who you are.

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tiny little

A bit about some

All at once.

You feel like home and everywhere I've never been

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