Why Film Photography is Perfect for Your Wedding Portraits

May 30, 2024

Here’s the thing about film that Nick and I believe to be true, wholeheartedly:

While the untrained eye might not be able to SEE the difference in film photographs, somehow; you can always FEEL the difference in film photographs. The little light leaks, the grain, and the small imperfections all come together to make it the perfect medium to add on with digital packages to your big day, and here’s a little breakdown on why:

Why Film Photography is Perfect for Your Wedding Portraits

Quality Over Quantity

In a world where you can snap a million digital photos in a day, film photography is all about slowing down and making each shot count. There’s no instant gratification, or retaking every photo after you’ve looked at all your photos and picked yourself apart, only to walk away with one you deem worthy of posting simply for social media, never to be really looked at or FELT again. With film, we take our time to frame every picture perfectly, ensuring that each one is a meaningful, beautiful moment. It’s not about perfection, but is actually about preserving a moment in a way that digital just can’t. This means your wedding portraits won’t just be a bunch of random snaps—they’ll be a collection of carefully crafted memories.

film photography bride and groom portraits

Thoughtful, Intentional Photos

Film makes us slow down and really think about each shot. We don’t just click away; we wait for the right moment, the right light, the right feeling. This thoughtful approach means your photos will be full of genuine emotion and authenticity. Every picture tells a story, capturing the true essence of your special day.

The Magic of Light

One of the things we love most about film is how it handles light. Film captures light in this soft, creamy way that’s just magical. The highlights are smooth and dreamy, giving your photos a warm, enchanting glow. It’s like adding a little sprinkle of fairy dust to each shot, making your memories look as magical as they felt.

Vibrant, Timeless Colors

Film is known for its rich, vibrant colors. Different film types have their own unique color vibes, from the warm tones of Kodak Portra to the bold hues of Fujifilm. These colors don’t just look good—they look timeless. Your wedding photos will have a classic, enduring beauty that’ll never go out of style.

Timeless Elegance

There’s something timeless about film photography. The grain, the tones, the way it captures emotion—it all combines to create a look that’s both classic and modern. Years from now, your wedding photos will still feel fresh and relevant, with a timeless elegance that digital can’t always match.

A Labor of Love

Film photography is an art form that requires skill and dedication. Developing film, making prints, and handling each negative with care is all part of the process. We love this hands-on approach because it allows us to pour our hearts into every step. Your wedding portraits aren’t just photos—they’re handcrafted pieces of art. And developing film photos is like opening a present on Christmas morning because you never know what they will actually look like, so you can bet that Nick and I are eagerly waiting for film scans to come back from our trusted labs!

Why We Love Film for Weddings

Choosing film photography for your wedding is about embracing quality, intentionality, and timeless beauty. It’s about creating images that are not just beautiful but deeply meaningful. We’re passionate about capturing your love story on film, ensuring every frame is a work of art. Let’s make your wedding portraits something you’ll cherish forever.

With love and light,

The DeNunzios

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