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If you have never heard of the Paint Mines in Colorado (an amazing and well-kept secret), then you have seriously been missing out! My favorite part of living in Colorado is that it’s got such diverse landscape in it. From mountaintops that touch the sky, to lakes and wildflowers galore, and even to deserts and red rocks, I’m never bored finding the perfect spot for my couples to show off at! My favorite part of eloping in Colorado is that you can choose from epic mountains, or escape into an other-wordly desert.

The Paint Mines in Calhan is no exception! When you get there, it’s kind of unreal. From the ledge, I was disappointed when I showed up. All I saw was a big crater-sized hole in the ground. But once I walked to the ledge, I was in awe and honestly a little confused from what I saw! It almost looks like a meteor went off and exposed some colored swirls of sharp rocks! I kept asking myself “how on Earth was this created?” It was so magical, and my couple adored it! That’s what I get for doubting Mother Nature, huh?

I love this place for portraits but especially for small, Colorado elopements! It’s a perfect place for a private ceremony, a little bit of rock exploring, and the sun set is magical. It’s in a small, Colorado town that you wouldn’t ever think of for a grandiose Colorado elopement, but it’s honestly so breathtaking and unique that it’s the perfect place. Not to mention, the little town is a cute little drive into some horse-country before you are greeted by the spectacular piece of land.
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