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Back in the day, eloping has always been a term to describe when two people run off in secrecy and get married. Nowadays, it can be so much more than that! While you have the option to keep it a secret until your photos are released (I am sure that can add to the excitement of it all!), you can also choose to invite a small group of friends and family for this! What makes this day so much different than a traditional wedding (besides the obvious size factor of 30 people or less, and often times just the two who are getting married), is the intention of the day. If you desire a day that is all about the two of you, your hobbies, your interests, and none of the fluff that doesn’t matter to you, then an elopement is the way to go!

Just ONE example of the many different ways your elopement can look:

Imagine this:

You and your partner wake up at 3am to take a jeep up to the top of a turquoise lake in Marble, Colorado. Just as you get there, the sun is rising on the horizon. You both find the perfect place to get ready, separately, and I have you two come together for a reveal to see each other fully ready. Tears and happy laughter are usually shared at this point. You read your personal vows together and sign a marriage license. (Did you know in Colorado, you can self-solemnize, meaning you only need the two of you for it to be legal?) You crack open a bottle of champagne and enjoy mimosas and brunch on top of the mountain and dance to your favorite song together. The entire time, I’m documenting your experience with my camera. Then, we take some kickass portraits on top of this mountain, in a canoe covered in flowers on the lake before making our way back down the mountain. You both opt for a romantic dinner, cooked by a private chef in a beautiful airbnb before an exciting day that you have planned tomorrow, exploring more of the gorgeous location you chose to elope in, skydiving, driving around trails, or trying new food.

two people sitting in a canoe in the mountains in colorado after getting married

The options are endless!

This is just one of many different ways your day can go! You can choose to invite a few guests and make it an intimate wedding that way, rather than an elopement with just the two of you. You can choose a different location, opt for hiking up the night before and camping and getting ready in the morning. You can take a helicopter to the top of a summit in Telluride to elope, or keep it lowkey… the options and locations are endless and I will guide you every step of the way! Whether you choose to elope on top of a Colorado Mountain, an Oregon beach, in the Redwoods, the Moab Desert, the city of Denver or Salt Lake, or anywhere else that speaks to your heart, I’ve got a road tripping pup and a Jeep that’s ready to take me anywhere to celebrate YOU! Click here to see my portfolio for weddings and elopements!

A woman dressed in white holds hands with a man in suspenders. They are on top of a mountain in Colorado and have celebrated an elopement.

The most important part of an elopement and intimate, small weddings, is that you are not bound by any expectations of other people. The day is uniquely your own and special to who you are as a couple. And I want to help you celebrate the day! It’s so much more than a photoshoot. I will help you plan the day in whatever way you’d like that to be, and will happily carry champagne (or whiskey) up for you to enjoy. Anything that sets your soul on fire is what you should do when you elope. Any location, any activity, and in any way that is special to your heart. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you are thinking about eloping, check out my friend over at Knotted Events. She can help us plan the day of your dreams. Together, she and I are a powerhouse! And I promise she’s just as much fun as I am!

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