Marina and Casey | Sanctuary Golf Course | Denver Wedding

   Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding

When describing Colorado, you have to mention the diverse landscape that includes arid deserts, snow-covered Rocky Mountains, and rivers. There are so many options to choose from as far as what speaks to a place you love as a couple, and Marina and Casey choosing the golf course surrounded by the foothills in the distance was a beautiful space and a no-brainer for them! To a photographer like me who finds joy in capturing the most beautiful moments, memories, and places, these are more than landscapes –  they are vital parts of your story that I am yearning to tell in its truth!

The Venue

The Sanctuary Golf Course is a great place to have a wedding in Colorado and of course, they host weddings regularly. They took care of the splendid food and drinks for the wedding and made sure the guests were comfortable throughout. It was a beautiful, private ceremony overlooking the mountains under a shaded area filled with lights dangling from the ceiling, and there was not a dry eye in the place!

I love how minimalist the ceremony was, because it truly did not need much in terms of décor because of the beautiful mountain views. You can also say the inspiration for the venue was mostly because the couple loved golf. Marina gifted Casey a golf club before the wedding, and I’m sure he was dying to try it out!

The Couple

The couple have been love birds since high school – which is about 8 years together for them. I feel so lucky to say I’ve known Marina for just as long and watching her love with Casey was so wonderful to see a woman I think highly of, end up with a man who is so deserving of the kind of love she can give. The entire day (and night, the party was LIT), was one to remember!

Marina and Casey are such a sweet couple. They are kind souls and you can tell by the love in the air at their wedding that they loved each other and their family and friends present were people who loved them deeply, too. They’re the kind of people that would give you their own coat on a cold day and make you feel seen. They will thank you profusely for being a part of their day – and truly treat you like family. If you are lucky enough to be in their presence, they make sure you are felt and known. They went around to EVERY SINGLE table at the reception and spoke with their guests to thank them all for coming. I don’t see that at every wedding I go to and it truly spoke volumes about them.

I felt truly humbled to be both witness and photographer of this delightful Colorado wedding.

We ended Marina and Casey’s wedding day with a food coma (on my part, seriously, not one part of that food wasn’t absolutely amazing,) dancing and lots of drunken smiles and laughter – just the way I like it!





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