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Oyuky + Kagen… Seriously SO MUCH I could say about this gorgeous couple, but I think I’ll keep it brief because I’m a little unsure how much I’m allowed to say… Like, if I told you, I’d have to kill you kinda thing? I know, now you are pretty much dying for me to tell you their amazing story, but let’s just say it has to do with a little forbidden love within work and beating the odds and marrying each other anyways. Their story is so beautiful, I seriously could have busted out some popcorn while listening to it. It’s like the perfect rom-com, without the midway through breakup where you know they’ll end up together at the end anyways. All the good, without the bad!

On their wedding day, it hailed. The Colorado Mountains are no joke, and even in mid July, you can’t guarantee perfect weather for a wedding in Western Colorado! But, I always come prepared when I shoot weddings. I brought clear umbrellas just in case, for each of them during their ceremony. I was looking for backup plans, like a building or a tent that they could get married in instead. However, we got SUPER lucky. Just before their ceremony, it cleared up. The hail stopped and a light rain kissed us as we started, and dissipated altogether by the end. We got the epic storm clouds for the day, but no more of the rain! We had to speed through some things before another storm rolled in, but I’m so glad these two got to continue the night dancing away and celebrating with their closest family and friends.

It was a gorgeous wedding. From a horse carriage, to tall aspen trees, to a warm summer night despite the rain. It couldn’t have been a better day, and if you are getting married at Coulter Lake Guest Ranch, please bring me with you! I could shoot here day after day! And can we just talk about how the colors of black and white that they picked just elevate the place so much?

I adored meeting and working with these two! They give me even more faith in real love (no pressure, guys! 😂) Go ahead, swoon over these two and their gorgeous images…. I know I am!




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