Stormy but Beautiful Wedding in Western Colorado | Kenzi + Chad

Before every wedding, I obsessively check the weather and the time the sun will set. I’m sure you think as a bride, that you would check the weather more than me… but no. The only person who usually checks it even more than I do (which is too much) is a parent of the bride or groom.

I do it to be prepared. So that I can make sure I know how many layers to bring, what kind of snacks (what? ya girl doesn’t wanna go hungry at a wedding!) and also so I know which car to drive. I prefer my teeny convertible fiat with the music cranked, but when the weather is bad enough I will drive Johnny’s Jeep to avoid getting stuck. That being said rain on your wedding day is not a bad thing and I don’t care who tells you it is! I am well equipped for shooting indoors if necessary and also always bring a clear umbrella for the bride and groom to share. Throw an umbrella over me and some plastic bags over my gear and we are ready to go.
However, these two waited it out. We have a saying in Colorado that “if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes.” It is always changing. One minute, it’s hailing and windy so hard that I saw some umbrellas turn inside out. The next, it was calm and serene during the ceremony and after that, the sun shined all night long.

I am absolutely stunned and head over heels in love with this wedding and am thrilled to share these photos with you!

My favorite part of this ceremony besides the adorable emotion Kenzi showed as she walked down the aisle, was when Chad offered to switch sides with Kenzi. Her hair was constantly going in her face and Chad stopped everyone from talking and switched sides with her so it would blow her hair in the right direction and it just made everyone laugh with how sweet and thoughtful it was. Ladies, take notes. If you marry a man, marry a man who will pay attention to the direction the wind blows during your ceremony. 😂

After the couple’s portraits were taken, the real fun began! This couple’s DJ played music that sometimes was more country (which got the entire crowd up and swing dancing) and even threw in some of the classic wedding dance songs, like “The Electric Slide” + got everyone out of their seats. I had so much fun photographing this part of the night and love the photographic proof. When Kenzi’s mama got down LOW and I mean low and the crowd erupted with cheer, I knew the night was going to go on long after I had to leave. And that it did!

Congratulations Chad + Kenzi! 05/18/19


Dress – Annelise Bridal

Florals – An Exquisite Design Florist

Venue – White Owl Ranch



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