Bohemian Portraits in Eery Abandoned Firework Stand | Rifle, CO

I was driving through Rifle, Colorado the other night to get to the nearest movie theater to me in Glenwood Springs and passed this eery and equally epic abandoned Fireworks Stand. I was instantly in awe and thought to myself “why haven’t I shot here before?” I first thought, how cute would an American themed shoot here be? Ya know, Red White + Blue and the whole nine yards.

Then I saw this gorgeous dress by Jen’s Pirate Booty and COULD NOT RESIST. It looked like a firework itself and the juxtaposition of the elegant dress and eery broken down fireworks stand was a full MOOD. So I called my friend, Lauren and asked her to drive from Fort Collins to help model it. She brought Kristi and had an equally stunning gown and y’all my day was MADE. Eery + Glam + Colorado girls + Western Bohemian. Seriously, could not be a better mix. Don’t believe me? Check out this proof!




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