Loving Engagement Session in the Epic Mountains of Glenwood Springs

We were a little concerned about the weather on this day, because it had been an unpredictable week in Colorado, weather wise (but honestly’ – what’s new?) I knew how much this session meant to Sarah + Ross because they had planned this with me months ago when Sarah booked me for her wedding. Ross is living in Washington while Sarah is out here in Colorado. So we HAD to make this shoot work, rain or shine. Luckily for us, the clouds parted towards the end of our shoot, but not before showing up and showing out for these gorgeous photos!

Although the mountains and epic Colorado Mountainscape backdrop took my breath away, it wasn’t the landscape that made the shoot. It was the loving energy between the couple. My fiance, Johnny and I did long distance for a year and a half. For half of that, I was living in Alabama while he was in Colorado. It was hard work and was less than ideal: but it taught me one important thing that I see these two have mastered so well. While long distance is hard and unbearable at times, it is truly a make or break period for a couple. You either grow through it, or grow apart. You have such little time together that you have to carefully choose your words and make time for someone else who is not in a part of your life constantly. It forces a couple to choose to be loving to one another and to use the moments together with all the intentionality they can muster. These two did just that. In the few days he was visiting, Ross and Sarah made time for dance lessons, a photo shoot, a trip to Grand Junction and a slew of other things. It actually made me teary eyed reflecting on my own relationship and getting to capture the love these two have grown and fostered so well. I cannot wait for their wedding!




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