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On a cold and very early morning, I arrived to the stunning Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. With two pairs of pants, a jacket, two handwarmers in my gloves and two in my feet (which were ALSO covered with wool socks and snow boots), I was ready for the day.

Then the gorgeous couple arrived. Cue the photographer guilt. You know the one, where I get to be allll bundled up and then my couple has to freeze their asses off in whatever clothing they have picked out for the day. Being a Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photographer, I am often feeling this little bit of guilt in the winter! But my justification is that they get to cuddle and be adorable together and I just have to depend on me to stay warm…. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Seriously, just look at these two! They were all giggles and down to do anything for their photos and IT. SHOWS.

Trust me when you do your portraits with me. I’ll get you doing and saying some things you’d never really say in public in a different situation, but we will get fun and intimate portraits in the process. A little prompt and a bit of posing to help GUIDE your process is so important to me. That’s why when you book a wedding with me, I spend time getting to know you. We talk in person or over skype, then I send you an engagement session questionnaire so I know what type of music you like and if you want more intimate portraits, or if you are a goofy fun-loving couple. I’m a mixture of the two – so I like to give you both but the questionnaire helps me focus on your wants and bring them to life during the shoot!

And now, more gorgeous photos for you to swoon over because this couple is stunning. They’ve known each other since MIDDLE SCHOOL and you can just see how strong their bond is. Paired with the stunning background of the Salt Flats, this Colorado Elopement Photographer was swooning, and I’m so ready to take on Utah for some elopements too! I know I am a Colorado based wedding photographer, but if you want to have an elopement photographer instead, I’d love to take you here! I am up for travel anytime, and anywhere!




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