Jordan + Tyler | Snowy Engagement Session | Colorado Winter Engagement Session | Grand Junction Colorado Photographer

Jordan + Tyler are so special to my heart. You see, Jordan is my sister in law and she’s such a kind one. I lucked out with her pretty hard. She is beautiful inside + out and radiates kindness and understanding. We have had some deep talks on life, our passions, our futures, and our pasts and I am so thankful for those convos and her. I bit my tongue when I saw her go through some rough patches and her brother worried about who she’d end up with, because she deserves the absolute best and he was worried she’d settle for less than her greatness deserved.

Enter Tyler. He is humble, kind, handsome and smart. He works for the state and loves wildlife and honestly, I get major jealousy when I am scrolling through Instagram and see these two have gone fishing (AGAIN). They both have those big wide eyed smiles and grins and we have all been spending more time together, and I can honestly say that both Johnny and I are so supportive of this relationship.

Since these two love the outdoors so much, it seemed only fitting that we trekked up Four Mile Road near Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs for their session. It was frigid but so gorgeous!

I am shooting the wedding and it’s such a big honor for me to get to do so. To hang out with family and all of the people who are important to these two and document one of the biggest days of their lives is something I don’t take lightly. That, and I gotta keep up the good deeds so I keep getting invited for Thanksgiving dinner every year!

In all seriousness, this wedding will be so beautiful. They were willing to stand in knee deep snow with me, snuggle, kiss and do whatever else I told them and I can’t wait to take so many portraits of them in some gorgeous Colorado Fall sunlight!

Love you both! Here’s to you!

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