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THESE TWO! Where to start?
Anahi + Roland had my cheeks hurting from all the laughing we did! They felt like meeting friends you have known for forever and we just clicked right off the bat. Partially because I have gotten really good at third-wheeling and also because these two are compassionate and kind humans!

I asked each of them their favorite thing about being together and their story took my breath away. They have been together for SEVEN years. Before that, they were close friends. I think that’s the real reason we clicked so immediately. It was like talking to each other like we were all such good friends, and laughing the same way. To me, romance is sooo important in a relationship, but if you can’t laugh and joke and be friends first, the romance will never last. These two have figured it all out so well. Anahi’s favorite thing about Roland is that he makes her feel beautiful, (I MEAN LOOK AT HER! Gorgeous!), but also makes her feel safe and loved. Roland said there were so many he had a hard time choosing, but the one that stood out to me most was that he says she is there to lift him up and encourage her dreams. As a young woman, I sometimes see toxic relationships where in some ways, it seems people are afraid of letting their partners progress. For fear of missing out and for fear of losing them. I think it takes something special to be there to support even the most challenging dreams that put a relationship on hold, and I admire it and think it is something we should all strive for in our relationships!

They’ve battled long distance and are both working so hard in life, and to get to be there when they say “I DO” and triumph after a long haul… Makes me a little misty eyed!

Here’s to forever Anahi + Roland! I can’t wait for your gorgeous fall Colorado Wedding!




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