Mariah + Nick | Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp | Colorado Wedding

A stunning July wedding, with an even more stunning story behind it.

Mariah + Nick married at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp in Divide, Colorado. The day was romantic and cheerful, but most of all – nostalgic. The camp held so many memories from them as a couple, and upon my arrival, seeing the gorgeous landscape there, it’s easy to understand why. The lake and paddle boats ready for use, the giant pine trees native to Colorado, surrounding every trail, and the adorable little cabins for the kids to sleep in while there was a view at every angle… Seriously, every single direction I turned, I felt nostalgic for a childhood experience I didn’t even have, but was so lucky to witness on this day. This was a true Rocky Mountain wedding, if you ask me. I can’t picture anything that screams “Colorado Wedding” more than this day!

Mariah’s mom, Kim (now nicknamed “Mama Kim” because I am such a fan and have been unformal invited: okay, forced them into unofficially adopting me as a grown adult), found me and told Mariah to hire me. We all know our moms are well meaning, but if your mama is anything like mine, you take her artistic recommendations with a grain of salt. Portraiture is just so different now than when our parents were all getting married. Luckily, Mariah took Mama Kim’s advice and saw my work, contacted me… and the rest was history.
Nick + Mariah are the kinds of people who make you feel included. Like you’ve known them forever and you are simply all reuniting for a joyous occasion. Although we had only ever video skyped before their wedding, when I arrived, I felt so comfortable like I had known them for years. And all of their closest family and friends echoed my thoughts during their speeches. I think of the two of them and I think grace, humility, companionship, romantic, and open-minded. The kind of people we should all strive to be…

The most nostalgic time during the wedding, for me, was when Mama Kim came up and asked me to replicate a photo of her and her husband when THEY were getting married there. So off we went, in between rain clouds, to the very bridge they stood on when they were getting married. First, I updated the old photo by asking Kim to wear the hat she wore on her day, and placed them the same way. Then, I asked Mariah + Nick to do the same… It was my favorite photo of the entire day, because it had meaning to her parents, to the newlywed couple, and now to ME.

A gorgeous, cloudy and windy wedding in the Colorado Mountains that captured my heart. Two adventurous, loving souls together as one… Someone pinch me, I still don’t understand how this is my life? But on second thought, please don’t wake me. I’ll keep living this dream for a while.




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